About us

Taeil Precision Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 as a remanufacturing CV axile joint business and we have accelerated our growth ignificantly by expanding its range of carrying products to such as Alternators, Start motors, Power steerings, Brake calipers, and Power oil pumps. As we pursue self-management and marketing system from the top to bottom, we are not only possess an independent production sector but also supplementally operate both rivate warehouse and delivery service. This operational colligation structure has been attracted numerous consumers over decades with its cost effective management system and conomic price itself and now Taeil Precision Industry Co., Ltd. stands as a reliable and promising brand in the auto parts remanufacture industry. We adopted the advanced computer technology testers for the first time and this distinctive quality control system is recognized not only in Korea but also worldwide. Since the demand of our products increased over time, we created an international trade department to operate export related tasks in full scale under the name of Taeil Precision Industry Co., Ltd.. In addition to our major specialization in the domestic brand automobiles, we are in the process to cover foreign brands like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and etc. for further globalization. Taeil Precision Industry Co., Ltd. pursues the success of all Taeil Precision Industry Co., Ltd. family members which we believe it as the essential force for the company’s prosperity. Lastly we hope the constant effort of ours will contribute to the development of remanufacturing industry.