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Dear Taeil customers,

The spring is upon us and I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful cherry blossom on the streets.


Taeil Korea is currently in the process of preparing for the Dubai Automechanika Exhibition, from the 7th to 9th of May, for our great meeting.

There were many companies who recognized Taeil Korea in exhibition when we attended as visitors so hopefully this time,

we could provide a chat table and open the door for the people who have been curious about our

company and/or who seek for an international trade in your business.

If anyone is willing to come and visit us at the booth and/or if you have a special request for us to prepare,

please send an email to with a little bit about of your company.


I hope to see many familiar faces and also to begin new relationship with many clients around the world, so come and say hi to us :)


See you in Dubai !

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