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Taeil Korea newly printed a product catalogue called ‘Pro-catalogue’ for better understanding of our products and the items we carry.

Kindly the booklet contains images, OEM #, application, and further information of each product for alternators and start motors organized by brands.

Moreover, it will help you understanding the compatible OEM numbers so that you can summarize a list of various kinds of products into certain item.

This ‘pro-catalogue’ is only available through the headquarter of Taeil Precision Industry Co., Ltd. so if you would like to receive a copy,

please send me an email via or use the ‘Contact Us’ section with an accurate office address, phone number, company’s name, and postal code.

(PDF or Excel file is not available, only a hard copy will be provided)

If you are looking for a specific item but not mentioned in the catalogue or have any question about additional product,

you are always welcome to contact us as well.

Thank you and good luck on your business :)

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